Gauze Care Island Dressings Pack of 28pcs Water-Resistant Adhesive Pads for Wound Care and Dressing

  1. Effective Dressing
  2. Skin-Friendly Adhesive
  3. Water Resistant
  4. Versatile Usage
  5. Individually Packed – Sterile

Effective Dressing:  The Gauze Care Island Dressings with Bordered Gauze 4×4 (inch) consists of a 200 gsm 2”x2” non-adherent pad in the center, which ensures increased absorption, breathability, and cushioning of the wound.

Skin-Friendly Adhesive: The Wound Dressing borders are acrylic-based, suitable for most skins. However, for super-sensitive skins, make sure to use alcohol when removing the adhesive dressing.

Water Resistant: Our adhesive gauze pads for wounds are water resistant, suitable for minor water exposure only, and not at all waterproof, hence avoid taking a shower with these.

Versatile Usage: Use our adhesive 4×4 bandages for deep wounds, surgery incision cuts, Ulcers, or Post-surgery wounds, when it comes to selecting wound dressings and bandages, but make sure to use the right dressing size with the appropriate center nonstick pad.

Individually Packed – Sterile: These 4×4 bandages with adhesive edges are individually sealed and sterile for easy handling and convenience. Even if the outer box is damaged or open, the dressings will remain sterile as long as the pouches are sealed properly.