Gauze Rolls Pack of 24 Premium Quality Lint and Latex-Free Stretch Bandage rolls

  1. Efficient and Effective
  2. Low-Cost
  3. User-Friendly
  4. Hospital Gauze Grade
  5. Multi-Functional

Premium Quality Lint and Latex-Free Stretch Bandage Rolls

Gauze Care bandages are a must-to-have item in your first aid kits at the home, office, or car. The large gauze rolls’ 4 inches width ensures the optimum coverage and grip over the wound dressing and the wound itself, which the other gauze rolls 2 inches are unable to provide. Moreover, they measure approx. 2.4 yards in length without any stretch and around 4.1 yards when stretched, allowing the multiple layering of wrapping gauze over the affected areas.

Compressed Gauze’s Primary function is to secure the gauze pad over the wound, along with maintaining optimum pressure over it for fast healing. Moreover, their usage is found in treating mild-level burns and as a splint for low-tier muscle sprains and injuries. They can also be used either as a boxing gauze for hands or wrapped up during a workout around the pressurized joint areas to be able to provide support to muscles and joints along with maintaining comfortable movability.

Did you not have the time to buy costumes for Halloween? Not to worry at all, as you can use our 24-pack bulk Stretch Bandage Rolls to fulfill your mummy cloth needs. Use it to mummify yourself or your kids at quite an economical price and with easy mobility offered by our stretchy mummy gauze wraps. However, kindly ensure that the stretch is of bearable pressure and is not causing any discomfort, especially when dealing with kids.

For ease and convenience, it is recommended to use a pair of scissors to cut the required length of wound packing gauze and a strip of surgical tape to safely secure it. Furthermore, it is advised to refer to the backside of the box and read the instructions and precautions carefully.